Suicides increase as unemployment increases in Turkey: Opposition

The main opposition CHP MP Irfan Kaplan called for forming a research commission in the Assembly, stating that the economic crisis and unemployment increased the number of suicide attempts
Tuesday, 28 May 2019 15:08

The bill submitted by the CHP MP Kaplan includes the data of DİSK, TURKSTAT, and Habitat on the number of suicidal attempts and underlines that the economic crisis in Turkey since 2002, increasing unemployment, and poverty together have increased violence and suicide.

"The impact of the economic crisis on suicides is undeniable. People committing suicide because of unemployment is not something that can be seen normal," the MP said.

According to the data, 25 people in 2013, 59 people in 2015, 90 people in 2016, 89 people in 2017, 73 people in 2018 ended their lives by committing suicide because they could not pay their debts and they were unemployed. 

Kaplan also pointed out a few examples that were covered by the press. Ismail Devrim in Kocaeli committed suicide because he was not able to buy trousers for his son; a social sciences teacher, İsa Erdoğan, and Merve Çandar committed suicide because they waited so long as unassigned teachers; Emine Akçay in Adana committed suicide because his husband was unemployed and they could not buy firewood  to stay warm at home, and recently Eyüp Dal in Gaziantep committed suicide because a job promised to him was rejected.