Turkey's Unity Trade Union: We will enlarge our struggle, long live March 8!

In a statement made on the occasion of March 8, Turkey's Unity Trade Union said, "Women laborers will reach their rights when they come together against bosses who confiscate their rights."
Tuesday, 09 March 2021 10:45

Turkey's Unity Trade Union made a written statement on the occasion of March 8, International Working Women's Day.

"Happy International Working Women's Day to our members and all women!" In the statement called, women laborers were called for fighting together.

The full text of the statement is as follows: 

We will enlarge our struggle 

Long live March 8!

The struggle that 40 thousand textile workers started in 1857 for working hours, wages, and equal rights continue today.

Because 164 years later today;


Low fees,

Violence, harassment, mobbing,

Exploitation at home, at work,

Long working hours,

Precarious working conditions do not change.

It is habitual to be discriminated against for being a woman.

Women should live in better conditions, work in better conditions! 

Women laborers will get their rights when they come together against the bosses who take over their rights.

Turkey's Unity Trade Union is organizing workplaces together with women workers. It takes the power of women who act together for their rights. Women working in stores, shopping malls, private schools, offices, and universities endeavor to be together so that they do not remain alone behind closed doors.

We call on women workers to be unionized and act together in the pursuit of rights. If we fight together, we can also have bright days, and we can resolutely ask the bosses who earn an immeasurable amount of money from us, the real value of our labor, the wages we deserve, all together.

It is our call to all women workers;

Become a member of Turkey's Unity Trade Union to fight with women workers in the workplaces, to solidarity against harassment and mobbing, to raise the voices of working women. Let's fight together against any practice that devalues women's labor.

Happy International Working Women's Day to our members and all women!



Turkey's Unity Trade Union Central Executive Board