First issue of monthly journal ‘Voice of TKP’ released

For equality and liberty, ‘Voice of TKP’ has started its publishing life with its first issue.
Wednesday, 09 June 2021 09:54

It has been almost one hundred and fifty years since the communists created a collective organizer, for the people to rise up and challenge the order of the exploiting class, and turned a printed publication from a dream into reality. 

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) has been continuing this tradition for years with its publications in different periods according to the needs of each period. The first issue of the monthly journal ‘Voice of TKP’ has met with readers in June.

'For equality and liberty’

In the editorial of the journal, TKP's insistence on publishing a printed publication in this age of increasing digitalization is explained as follows:

"In a world where it is clearly seen that the capitalist system can only stand at the expense of the people and nature, the struggle against the exploitation of capital and the hostility of reactionary movement towards enlightenment is also rising in our country. ‘Voice of TKP’ continues to be published in print, in conditions where those who make profit by multiplying their oppression on all oppressed segments of the society, especially the working people, can maintain their order with violence.

While a deadly virus, rooted in the anti-life system of capitalism, is turned into an opportunity where capital doubles its turnovers, while its remedy is used to fill the coffers of pharmaceutical monopolies with patents while the working people who have to work are brought face to face with death without caring, ‘Voice of TKP’ expresses the great hope of humanity, its determination not to surrender, represents the will to change the world.

The word of TKP is the word of the working class, which is the only force that will put an end to this rotten reign of capital.

So why? Why is ‘Voice of TKP’ a printed publication while there are so many digital possibilities?

Because technology will never replace the warmth of a face-to-face publication. Because the means of conveying your word are also included in your word.

A printed publication is a hand extended to you. TKP finds its meaning where hands meet. Not iconic, but concretely, lifeful, warm hands.

The printed publication is to come face to face with the people, touching each other.

It is the sweat and skin contact of those who bring a journal to life and the people to whom that magazine is addressed."

The articles in the journal are as follows: 

  • Interview with Kemal Okuyan: "Capitalism is the only cause of the pandemic's destructiveness"
  • How would we manage the pandemic under socialism?
  • Pandemic is a cloak for attacks on the working class
  • The ruling party AKP's aid deception in the pandemic
  • Stating the obvious: National education system is annihilated
  • What does the ‘Scientific Board’ do?
  • What did the Communist Party of Turkey do during the pandemic?
  • The patent barrier to widespread vaccination
  • How is Cuba coping with the Covid-19 pandemic?