Floods hit four provinces in Turkey's Black Sea region

Heavy rains in the northern part of Turkey led to floods, damaging hundreds of houses and killing at least two people.
Wednesday, 11 August 2021 21:51

While forest fires continue in the west and south of Turkey, the floods in the north harm the people and the environment. Heavy rains, which were effective in many provinces in the Black Sea, led to floods and landslides. 4 provinces in the Black Sea region, Bartın, Sinop, Samsun, and Kastamonu suffered from floods at the same time.

In Bartın a woman whose house was destroyed is missing and one person died of a heart attack. The stream overflowed in the Ayancık district of Sinop, and the patients in Ayancık State Hospital were evacuated due to the flood. Ayancık Mayor, Hayrettin Kaya, stated that some people are trapped by the flood.

Heavy rains that were effective in Kastamonu caused the explosion of the HEPP dam on the Ezine Stream passing through the Bozkurt district. According to preliminary reports, one person died. Kastamonu Governor's Office, on the other hand, made a statement, arguing that the news about the explosion of the HEPP dam was not true.

Two weeks ago, another flood occurred in the eastern province of Van. Dozens of houses were damaged, thousands of animals died and farming lands were seriously damaged by the flood, which affected at least 13 neighborhoods in Van.