Unemployed man burned himself in front of townhall, lost his life in Turkey's Gaziantep

In Gaziantep, the unemployed man Eyüp Dal burned himself in front of the town hall upon receiving a negative reply for job application from the municipality
Monday, 20 May 2019 14:10

In Gaziantep, Turkey, an unemployed man, Eyüp Dal, came in front of the municipality building and burned himself. Dal died in the hospital.

The former convicted unemployed citizen applied for a job to Gaziantep's Şahinbey municipality governed by the ruling AKP. According to the sources, Eyüp Dal received a positive response from the municipality first, but when it turned out that he could not be employed, Dal burned himself in front of the townhall.

Eyüp Dal, who was severely burned, had been in the intensive care unit for four days before he died.

The mother, Türkan Dal, said, "My son had been looking for a job for an average of 5 years. He was happy that he found a job in a factory recently and he would start to work. But, they had also rejected him."