Turkey's ruling party AKP suspends union activities once again

Turkey’s Ministry of Labor and Social Security sent a circular to the governorships of 81 provinces and banned trade union activities, using the pandemic conditions as an excuse during the lockdown period.
Thursday, 06 May 2021 09:23

Turkey’s ruling AKP banned the activities of trade unions while the workers were working in the period of lockdown. In the past, trade union activities were prohibited by using various topics as an excuse. In the process of lockdown, union activities were once again suspended, using the pandemic conditions as an excuse.

A circular regarding the issue was sent to the governorships of 81 provinces by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

In the circular, "It is thought that it will not be possible for the parties to come together in order to provide collective labor agreement authorization determinations, to conduct collective bargaining negotiations, to resolve collective labor disputes and to carry out the processes related to strike and lockout; It was said that the durations will not be operated.

Workers are working but unions are banned

Alpaslan Savaş, a member of the TKP Central Committee, made a statement on the subject on his Twitter account, "AKP's complete lockdown scandals continue. While workers in many workplaces such as factories, markets, and banks continue to work, UNION OPERATION HAS BEEN STOPPED with a ministry circular issued today. Yes, workers are working, but unions are banned." he said.

Savaş made the following assessment:

"According to the circular of the Ministry of Labor, unions will not be authorized until 17 May 2021, collective bargaining negotiations will not be held, strike and lockout periods will not be run.

At the beginning of the pandemic, AKP had suspended all authorization, collective agreements, and strike procedures for three months. Unpaid leave is extended for bosses, but workers' union organization is suspended. The worker will work, but will wait until the closure is over to organize in his union!"