Turkey’s reactionary press is afraid of TKP

The Communist Party of Turkey’s Boyun Eğme newspaper, which started to be published daily and digitally recently, carries the reactionary press' fear of TKP on its headline. After TKP Secretary General Kemal Okuyan's remarks in a television program, the reactionary press gets angry.
Tuesday, 06 July 2021 13:16

In the program he attended, Okuyan said, “We are heading towards a showdown between the AKP and the workers, women, youth, that is, those who are against the AKP. This showdown will not get stuck in the ballot box as some claim. I say it very clearly: This showdown that will be seen before the ballot box will be a final outcome," he said.


"The reactionary press's fear of TKP... You can't pollute the people's struggle" in the new issue of Boyun Eğme Newspaper, which reads "The reactionary press in Turkey became enraged at the words of TKP General Secretary Kemal Okuyan! What is it, the TKP was inviting the people to the streets!" The following assessment was made:


The newspaper said, "But we understand something other than what they understand from the street," and the following statements were included:


"They are afraid of the street, they understand coups, provocations, and assassinations from the street. They are trying to spread this fear and intimidate everyone with this fear. Because they also know that the streets belong to the people.


On the other hand, we understand the struggle of the people from the street. Seeking rights, freedom, justice, solidarity, organization... We understand city squares where workers, men, and women, come together, trust, and protect each other. If there is someone who makes the street unsafe, it is the power itself with its gang, mafia, and all its dirty relations. Or conversely, it is the disorganization of the workers that makes the street unsafe."


It was stated that he was in a hurry because he was aware that the rhetoric "the people want us", which the AKP based on the elections, was aware of the end, and said: "They thought this order would go like this, but it will not. The fear of the reactionary press, its attack targeting the TKP. The workers of this country. It will regain its strength from the organized struggle, and yes, our account will not be stuck in the ballot box.