Turkey’s bosses call on council of ministers to 'extend short-term work allowance'

Heads of some capitalist institutions have demanded the extension of short-term work allowance in Turkey.
Wednesday, 31 March 2021 13:46

Chairmen of the chamber of commerce requested an extension of the short-term work allowances, which will expire on March 31.

Short-term work allowance, which is one of the opportunities provided to bosses due to the pandemic, expires on March 31.

Before the meeting of AKP President Tayyip Erdogan with the ministers today, the bosses made one more call to extend this period.

Short-term work allowance extension is being requested in a call from the Chairman of Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO), and Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO). Short-term work allowance enables the workers to not pay the wages and SGK premiums at all or partially to bosses.

In a statement from Turkey Chambers and Commodity Exchanges Chairman social media accounts "Short-term work allowance ends on 31 March. Short-term work allowance needs to be maintained until our companies return to their normal working order.

Ankara Chamber of Industry President also said in a written statement, "Our country is going through a difficult period with the whole world during the pandemic process. For our country not to lose its production power, our industrial enterprises should be able to preserve qualified human resources. Especially in the manufacturing industry sectors to be determined according to the Nace code, the short work subvention should continue. Thus, layoffs slow down to a certain extent. Our companies that are in trouble will not have to remove their trained personnel and our employees will not lose their jobs" he said.

Ankara Chamber of Commerce Chairman of the Board of Directors stated that approximately 33 billion TL (4.1 billion $) of short-term work allowance support was given during the pandemic period and said," Sectors affected by the pandemic are certain. The continuation of incentives and employment-increasing support to these sectors, especially the short-term work allowance, until the pandemic process is completely over, will benefit our country as a result, both for the employees and the employer."