Communist and Workers' Parties: Peoples must strengthen struggle against NATO

Communist and workers' parties from all over the world called for a struggle against imperialist plans after NATO put on the agenda to be the side that would carry out the first nuclear attack.
Sunday, 04 July 2021 10:18

At the initiative of the Communist Party of Greece (Kommounistikó Kómma Elládas, KKE), SolidNet member communist and workers' parties called for strengthening the struggle against NATO and imperialist plans.

The full statement is as follows:

The Communist and Workers’ Parties declare loud and clear that they denounce the aggressive plans of the imperialist organization of NATO, which are being escalated following its recent Summit. New and old pretexts are being utilized such as security, defence, climate change, cyberattacks, and other asymmetric threats in order to escalate their aggression against the peoples, causing a new unbridled arms race.

The “NATO 2030” agenda, which is essentially the strategic doctrine of NATO for the next decade, updates and implements all the previous dangerous decisions taken over the previous period. Thus, “NATO 2030” constitutes the escalation of aggression, a preparation for war, and a proof of fierce competition with Russia and China. The military encirclement of Russia, the targeting of China and Iran, the announcement about a nuclear first strike, and the giant exercise “DEFENDER-Europe 21” refute any bogus claims about “the peace and security of the peoples”.

The workers and the other popular strata are not in need of a so-called “new Cold War”, nor any imperialist plans, interventions, and wars in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America,  Central Asia, the Caucasus region, the Black Sea, the Southeast Mediterranean, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

The peoples have shed enough blood!

They have the power to fight against the dangerous plans and to strengthen the struggle in every country against NATO and any kind of imperialist plans that massacre the peoples; against military bases and any kind of weapons of mass destruction possessed by the imperialists.

They need to struggle to form the conditions for the workers and their power to end inter-imperialist competition, wars, and organizations.

The most fatal and dangerous virus is capitalism!

SolidNet Parties signing

Communist Party of Albania
Armenian Communist Party
Party of Labour of Austria
Communist Party of Bangladesh
Communist Party of Belgium
Communist Party of Bulgaria
Party of the Bulgarian Communists
Communist Party of Bohemia &Moravia
Communist Party of Finland
Communist Party of Greece
Hungarian Workers' Party
Communist Party of Kurdistan-Iraq
Socialist movement of Kazakhstan
Communist Party of Mexico
New Communist Party of the Netherlands
Communist Party of Norway
Communist Party of Pakistan
Philippine Communist Party (PKP 1930)
Communist Party of Poland
Russian Communist Workers Party - CPSU
New Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Communists of Serbia
Communist Party of the Workers of Spain
Communiust Party of Sri Lanka 
Communist Party of Swaziland
Communist Party of Sweden
Communist Party of Turkey
Syrian Communist Party - unified
Communist Party of Ukraine
Union of Communists of Ukraine


Other Parties signing

Communist Worker’s Party of Finland
COMMUNISTS Revolutionary Party (France)
National Association of Communists of France
Pole of Communist Revival in France
Communist Front (Italy)
Swiss Communist Party
Party of Communists USA