US formally pulls Turkey's Patriot missile system offer: CNN

The Trump administration has formally withdrawn its offer for Turkey to purchase a Patriot missile system, CNN reported
Friday, 23 August 2019 13:58

A US State Department official tells CNN that "We have consistently told Turkey that our latest offer of PATRIOT would be withdrawn if it took delivery of the S-400 system. Our PATRIOT offer has expired."

The US State Department announced in December that it had approved the possible sale of a $3.5 billion Patriot missile system to Turkey. After Turkey received Russian S-400 systems, the US has also ejected Turkey from the F-35 jet program.

In July, Turkey's Defense Ministry announced that Turkey received the first shipment of the Russian S-400 missiles.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated after the delivery of s-400 to Turkey that "The law requires that there be sanctions and I'm confident that we will comply with the law and President Trump will comply with the law."