New report indicates declining quality of education

Turkey’s university graduates lagging behind Japanese high school dropouts
Saturday, 31 December 2016 07:22

According to Turkish Education Association (TED)’s "2016 Education Evaluation Report", the average verbal skill point of university graduates in Turkey is lower than the average score of high school dropouts in Japan.

The reactionary transformation experienced in the last 14 years in Turkey brings about significant results.

As the decline in the quality of education reflects on the reports, 2016 Education Evaluation Report of Turkish Education Association indicates a striking data. When the skill levels of the adults were examined based on the highest graduation level of education, it reveals that the average score of university graduate adults is 292; the score of high school-graduate adults is 264, and the score of the adults with lower level of education is 231 in OECD average. As for Turkey, these average scores are respectively 258, 245 and 210.

The following assessment was made in the report regarding the results:

"In the OECD average, the difference in verbal skills between university-graduate adults and the undereducated adults is 61. Yet, in Turkey, the scores of these two groups are closer to each other compared to other countries. Turkey, among the aforementioned values, is one of the two countries in which the relation between the level of education and verbal skill is the weakest by a difference of 48 points. Further to that, it should be sensitively remarked that there is a fact that the average verbal skills of the university-graduate adults in Turkey are even less than the scores of high school-dropout adults in Japan."