"Koç Holding will lose, Tüpraş workers will win"

TKP İzmir provincial organization visited workers resisting in Tüpraş refinery in Aliağa. TKP greeted the workers' resistance with a banner saying "Koç Holding will lose, Tüpraş workers will win" and conveyed their feelings of solidarity
Thursday, 16 May 2019 16:39

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) İzmir provincial organization paid a visit to support the Tüpraş Aliağa refinery workers resisting against the impositions of Koç Holding.

After the collective bargaining agreement between the Petrol-Iş Union and the Tüpraş administration could not be reached, the workers decided to continue their resistance.

TKP Izmir provincial organization came to the factory today with a banner saying "Koç Holding will lose, Tüpraş workers will win". The private security personnel wanted to prevent the TKP members, which the workers met with great enthusiasm.

A tension sparked between the TKP delegation and the private security of the factory. Some workers reacting to the situation said: "The bosses allow the parties they want to enter the factory, they do not allow those they are afraid of."

After the tension, the union's Aliağa branch chairman Ahmet Oktay said: "Private security officers are members of our union, too. Employers who try to make some workers against others must be careful about what they are doing."

Then, a statement was made on behalf of TKP Izmir provincial organization. It was noted that being organized and changing this capitalist system is important. "We stand by Tüpraş workers, who do not surrender and know the power of being organized. Long live the working class, long live the resistance of Tüpraş workers!" the statement added.