Workers resisting against unpaid leave in Turkey’s industrial zone of Gebze

Workers from Turkey’s industrial district of Gebze near İstanbul launched a resistance to protest the forced unpaid leave.
Tuesday, 20 October 2020 14:18

At the Systemair HSK Ventilation Industry factory owned by a Swedish investor, 46 workers who are members of the United Metal Workers’ Union (Birleşik Metal-İş) were taken on unpaid leave. Unionized workers started a resistance in front of the factory, demanding that their unpaid leave be stopped.

The union has recently announced the resistance of the workers on social media.

'Unpaid leave cannot be used to prevent unionization'

The metal workers union stated that Systemair Hsk workers have exercised their constitutional rights and become members of the union. If labor peace is desired in the workplace, the workers’ right to unionize must be respected and the pressure of unpaid leave must be stopped immediately.

The union administration said,"The practice of unpaid leave cannot be used to prevent unionization. There can be no practice of unpaid leave in the workplace working overtime. The penalty for unionization cannot be a forced unpaid leave with an allowance of 39 lira ($4,94) a day.

Systemair wants to use unpaid leave against unionization. We announce that we will start the resistance in front of the factory on Monday morning unless the unpaid leave is stopped.”