Turkish bank buys insolvent poultry facility as workers receive no payment

Turkey's Garanti Bank has bought the facilities of a huge insolvent poultry firm on a mortgage as officials announce the fired workers will receive no payment
Wednesday, 05 September 2018 16:48

Turkey’s Garanti Bank has purchased on September 3 the mortgaged slaughterhouse and headquarters of Şeker Piliç, a big poultry company that went bankrupt after a court decision in 2015, while liquidation officials have announced that the workers will not receive any payments because no income was obtained from the sale of the company.

Although the company’s poultry factory in the northwestern Turkish city of Bandırma had been put up for sale in return for 4,48 million US dollar following the bankruptcy of Şeker Piliç, no bidder appeared to purchase the factory until today.

A bankruptcy office in Bandırma has recently put up for sale the company’s facilities of slaughterhouse and headquarters and an immovable land following the failure of a total sale. As only Garanti Bank has participated the tender as the mortgagee on September 3, the facilities have been put up for sale for 2,7 million US dollar. The bank has purchased the facilities in return for 1,45 million as there was no other price offer, while the company’s land could not be sold again.

Lawyer Volkan Gözükara, the officer who is responsible for the liquidation process of Şeker Piliç, has said that Garanti Bank purchased the immovable in return for its mortgage receivables, and the workers of the company would not receive any payments since no income was received from the sale. “Unfortunately, we have no good news for the workers because we could not carry out the sale. Our sales will continue in the upcoming period,” he has said.

A Turkish court decided in 2015 on the bankruptcy of Şeker Piliç, one of the first and leading poultry companies of Turkey, dating back to the 1960s, due to the company’s failure in paying the debts. The company fired around 1,200 workers without paying their severance payments and salaries under the pretext of indebtedness that eventually resulted in bankruptcy.