Turkey’s labor network PE announces establishment of Tuborg Workers’ Solidarity Network

Turkey’s class solidarity network, initiated by the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP), ‘‘We Breathe Down the Bosses’ Neck’’ (PE) announced the establishment of Tuborg Workers’ Solidarity Network.
Tuesday, 29 September 2020 13:54

PE Solidarity Network continues establishing branches in all sectors. One of them has been settled out by the laborers of Türk Tuborg Beer and Malt Industry Inc. In the establishment announcement, Tuborg workers highlight their problems and call for solidarity among all the workers.

The full declaration is as follows:

“We are the laborers of Türk Tuborg Beer and Malt Industry Inc.; 

The burden of the economic crisis that deepened during the pandemic process is being laid on the laborers in Tuborg, as in other workplaces. When the pandemic process started, we were forced to use our annual leaves without being asked, and they told us that we had to ‘sacrifice’. 

Continuing to increase its profits, Tuborg has even seized our premiums that support our expenses, albeit a little, by changing our personal goals into regional goals, let alone improve our wages. These are just a small part of the problems we have. 

It is clear that during the normalization period, the conditions of the workers did not improve, and the bosses and their representatives in workplaces, who used the pandemic as an excuse, will continue to do so for a long time. The bosses rely on the disorganization of us and our inability to act together.

The way to stop this trend is to organize, act together in solidarity. We, as Tuborg workers, come together to solve the problems we face in the workplace, especially our demands below, and we establish the Tuborg Workers Solidarity Network:

  • The increase in working hours, which actually means a reduction in wages, should be stopped immediately, the annual leaves used against our will as ‘sacrifice’ due to the pandemic should be compensated, and the violated rights of the workers due to these practices should be indemnified,
  • Arbitrarily changing working hours at the last moment which prevent a healthy social life and ‘night work’ should be stopped,
  • Shuttle service should be provided to cover all employees, if it is not possible, transportation support should be provided,
  • The meal fee of the employees should be updated, taking into account the meal prices in the regions where they work and the requirements of a healthy diet,
  • The works such as questionnaires, cooler bags etc. that increase the contact of field workers with other people should not exceed the specified timespans,
  • Our premium and overtime rights must be paid to us,
  • It should stop being forced to work outside of working hours, on annual leave, on weekends and on official holidays, and our social life should be respected.

Today, if we do not uphold the minimum demands for a humane life we mentioned above, tomorrow we will face greater right abuses by the bosses. We know that our struggle will be successful if we act together, and we invite all our friends to join the PE Tuborg Workers’ Solidarity Network to defend our rights together.”