Turkey begins constructing site for Russian missile system – Report

Turkey is making a military site for a Russian missile system despite the United States warning it not buy the system, CNBC News reported
Thursday, 06 September 2018 19:18

Turkey has begun building a platform site for a Russian S-400 missile defense system, despite pressure from Washington to abandon plans to purchase the military equipment, US media reported on Thursday, citing a source with firsthand knowledge of an unpublished intelligence assessment.

The source said the assessment was conducted about a month ago and includes satellite imagery of a concrete launch facility and other constructions, including bunkers, CNBC reported. The source indicated that the work at the site "fits the pattern" for Russia's S-400 system, the report said.

The report gave no indication about where the site is located in Turkey.

In December 2017, Russia and Turkey signed a loan agreement to supply S-400s to Ankara.

US officials have warned that if Ankara goes ahead with plans to purchase the Russian S-400 anti-missile systems, the United States could withhold the transfer of F-35 jets. The US Congress also recently passed legislation that would block the transfer of F-35s if Turkey buys the Russian S-400s.