TKP called for egalitarian republic on Republic Day of Turkey

TKP members and friends organized a mass gathering in Istanbul's Bakırköy for saluting republican values.
Thursday, 29 October 2020 17:56

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) organized a rally in Istanbul for October 29, Republic Day of Turkey. Party members and friends met in Istanbul's Bakırköy with the call of TKP to celebrate the 97th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic. The marchers also protested the anti-Republican and anti-people policies in the country.

Despite the attempts of the authorities and the police force to prevent the meeting, TKP maintained its call. Saying that "they said you cannot march, but we are here," TKP Istanbul provincial head Senem Doruk Inam stated that TKP took to the streets to defend the republic, for enlightenment, equality, and freedom.

"They tell us not to go out on the streets, to do politics, to march. The government says so, and the opposition says so. Today, the communists took to the streets to defend the republic and will continue to do so. We will strengthen the struggle, we will establish a socialist republic. A republic of laborers, workers, and students will be established, a socialist republic will be established. Those who walk here today are the working people, the women who will establish a socialist republic. Those who do not allow us to march today will think where to escape when we establish the socialist republic, they will run away from this country. Long live the republic, long live socialism," Inam added.