Resisting textile workers in Turkey's Izmir organized demonstration

The workers of TR Inter Textile in Turkey undertook a demonstration in front of the factory on the eighth day of their resistance
Tuesday, 27 August 2019 12:41

In Turkey's Izmir, the workers of TR Inter Textile, a subcontractor of Uniteks Textile that works with Jack & Jones, Zara, H&M, Üstler, Mango, Espirit, Tesco, organized a demonstration in front of the factory. The workers declared that they would continue their resistance until they get paid and their bosses keep their promises.

Zafer Mutluer, who spoke in the name of TKP's solidarity platform “We will breathe down bosses' neck” made a statement addressing the workers and noting that in two months, the workers worked for 200 hundred hours.

However, "The bosses said no food, no break until you produced a certain amount of surplus. Even worse, they wanted to leave without any payment. Bosses make you work under exploitative and even slavery conditions and they even do not want to give you any wage that you already deserve. They trust that the workers are disorganized."

"They are in a panic since you are organized and fighting for your rights. We are supporting you and your resistance since the day you reached us. We will support you to get your rights by any means including legal ways," Mutluer said.

The Izmir branch of Deriteks also made a public statement about the urgency of the workers' demands. The trade union highlighted that it would follow up until the workers get paid.

Uniteks, the subcontractor of TR Inter Tekstil, told the workers whose salaries have not been paid for 2.5 months that they had nothing to do with the unpaid wages. The solidarity platform, “We will breathe down bosses' neck” responded to this statement by declaring that 'Uniteks statement claims to have no responsibility to the workers. No one in this chain of capitalists can escape responsibility."