Peace Committee of Turkey: Capitalism drags our world into disaster

Issuing a statement on September 1st, World Peace Day, Turkey's Peace Committee stated that the reactionary government of Turkey and its jihadist allies could possibly create something positive for the people of the region. In the statement, it was emphasized that the only option in front of humanity for reaching peace and even for not disappearing is to overthrow the capitalist order
Monday, 02 September 2019 10:35

Peace Committee of Turkey issued a statement on September 1st, World Peace Day.

The full statement titles "Capitalism is dragging our world into disaster" is as follows:

Today, as we are celebrating another World Peace Day, we are feeling the catastrophe more that the world is being driven into in the absence of a socialist system.

Imperialism has been experiencing significant problems in itself for a long time. On the one hand, it maintains its most important feature, its aggression. Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran and a number of countries continue to be the direct target of this aggression. On the other hand, the problems between the imperialist countries are deepening and the usual functioning of imperialism as a system has been changing. In this picture, the US has difficulty in maintaining its traditional position of being the superior power. Some forces, such as Germany, which have been allying with the US for decades, are opening up more autonomous spaces for themselves. Located in the lower levels of the imperialist hierarchy, some countries, such as Turkey and India, are trying to open similar autonomous areas for themselves by taking advantage of the internal contradictions of imperialism.

On the other hand, China and Russia are gaining strength as major competitors against the US, or in general terms, Western Imperialism.

In these circumstances, singular wars continue in various parts of the world. Syria, Yemen, Libya are the hot areas of conflict. The Palestinian problem remains unresolved. Right in the middle of the Asian continent, Kashmir is a candidate for a new hot conflict zone. As Iran and Venezuela continue to be the targets of imperialism, they are also under threat of hot conflict. Islamist reactionism is responsible for much of the bloodshed, especially in some West African countries.

The world needs to be disarmed, not to take up arms.

The speed of getting armed has reached a great level throughout the world. While numerous countries are increasing their budgets allocated for arms, some countries including Turkey is progressing to the front in the list of arms producers.

The withdrawal of the US from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) represents an important threshold in terms of armament. The abolition of this treaty and the threat of some other agreements to be abolished mean the ways for taking up more arms are getting easier. As a matter of fact, with the end of INF, new missile trials have increased. While nuclear arming threatens humanity, we see that the tension between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir problem has heightened the threat of a nuclear war to a level that it was pronounced by the leaders of both countries.

Space is not a market.

As if the world was not under threat, imperialism started to gaze on space. Apart from the dominant powers such as the US, Russia, and China, many countries are accelerating their space works. While the possibility of arming the space is strengthening, capitalism tends to take further steps. Imperialist capital is working on the ways to exploit mineral resources on nearby planets, moon or asteroids.

Commodifying nature means destroying it.

On the other hand, resources of the world continue to suffer from capitalist greed. Monopolies, especially in mining areas all over the world, are trying to exploit natural resources more and more with the motive of profit, not for the benefit of humanity. Turkey takes its share from this exploitation. While examples such as the destruction in the Kaz Mountains increase, forest fires in Turkey and other parts of the world show the risk the world is under.

Immigrants are people, they are not hostages.

In these circumstances, a great tragedy of humanity is being displayed while the poor people of Africa, Asia, and Latin America are looking for new living opportunities for themselves. As millions of people migrate to other countries, some of them lose their lives.

Our country is in the middle of this migration problem. The lives of hundreds of thousands of people are used as trump cards in international politics. In recent days, the reason for the acceleration of the migration from Turkey to the west is the fact that the refugees are seen as political tools. All legal rights should be granted to immigrants.

The reactionary power does not provide a solution but enters into a dead-end street.

The situation in our country which is at the center of important problems clearly shows how far we are from peace. The destructive policies on Syria have been gaining new dimensions. The government of Turkey has allied with jihadist groups over policies on Syria. The reactionary government of Turkey and its jihadist allies could possibly create something positive for the people of the region. Reactionism and imperialism should withdraw from Syria.

The Kurdish issue that has become both internal and external problem Turkey also gets its share from similar approaches. The point reached in this issue clearly shows that it is not possible for the approaches to bring peace to the people living in our country and neighboring countries.

Cyprus, or more generally, the Eastern Mediterranean issue which has maintained its importance for decades, has reached a level that could be the source of hot conflicts. Becoming more complicated with the direct intervention of imperialism, the situation has been increasingly dangerous as Turkey and other countries in the regions do not consider any solutions other than the imperialist monopolies. No development can be seen in favor of the people of the region. It is clear that this issue cannot be solved by the approaches present at the moment.

While trying to resist this darkness, humanity sees the more cruel face of capitalism. Both in our country and in other parts of the world, the will of the people is ignored and cities, forests, seas, and all-natural resources are made available for exploitation.

It is clear that this situation keeps humanity away from peace more and more every day. We see every time that it is not possible to achieve real and lasting peace without eliminating the order of exploitation.

The only option in front of humanity for reaching peace and even for not disappearing: It is to destroy the capitalist order and to establish a system in which people are not exploited, nature is not exploited and resources are used for the benefit of humanity.