High school students in Turkey celebrating Nazım Hikmet week

Turkey’s Leftist Highschool Students and the Communist Youth of Turkey celebrate the week of Nazım Hikmet with the title “Nazım is with us”
Thursday, 14 January 2021 12:38

Week of Nazım Hikmet, organized with the initiative of Leftist Highschool Students and Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) for three years on the week of the birth of the communist poet Nazım Hikmet, is still celebrating despite the pandemic.

Although high schools in Turkey are closed due to the pandemic, Leftist Highschool Students will continue to celebrate the week of Nazım Hikmet in their neighborhoods. Other than “Nazım Hikmet talks” that takes place in district houses of TKP across the country, online events will be conducted throughout the week. Leftist Highschool Students also publish both digital and printed bulletin for the week.

Leftist Highschool Students made a statement regarding the week of Nazım Hikmet that is holding between January 11-15 with the title “Nazım is with us”.

The statement is as follows:

"2021 started for us with Nâzım Hikmet. We left behind a devastating year. Even before the end of spring, we started to say, '2020 end soon'. We don't know what the new year will show us, but we definitely have somethings that we have to show to the new year.

The past year will be remembered with the pandemic, earthquakes, education, the crisis deepening with the pandemic, and increasing poverty. Moreover, we were extremely alone in a triangle between our education, our health, and our lives. We felt that we had to fight against it, but maybe we couldn't act out of thinking about what we should or shouldn't do. We want our right to education, our right to health, we want our present and tomorrow. We want to understand what is passing and what is coming… That's exactly right now, it is time to remember Nâzım Hikmet, our communist poet, and support his struggle.

Week of Nâzım Hikmet, which has become a tradition with Leftist Highschool Students, will continue this year as well. It will remind us of our greatest strength, "not being alone".

Every year when we look at the world, look at our country, we felt that we should have a word. Our great poet never left us alone. We started with 'We Will See Beautiful Days, Children', we said, 'Hope is the in the humankind', 'To Become Nâzım Hikmet' and this year we continue by saying 'Nâzım is with us'.

Our troubles are the same in the whole world, our friends are the same. We know this and now we will show our greatest strength.

Friends all over the world and our country, know that Nâzım is with us!”