Guards and relatives of AKP's MP threatens pro-Kurdish HDP members with kalashnikov

In the Viranşehir district of Urfa, a southeastern province of Turkey with mainly Kurdish population, the guards and relatives of AKP's MP threatened pro-Kurdish HDP members with a Kalashnikov on Turkey's local election day March 31, 2019
Sunday, 31 March 2019 20:30

On Turkey's local election day March 31, 2019, a dispute occurred between the ruling AKP's MP Halil Özşavlı and pro-Kurdish HDP members when Özşavlı came with his guards to the polling station after the ballot boxes were closed, local media reported.

Although Özşavlı and his guards had to leave the scene after the dispute, one of the people among his guards and relatives took out a Kalashnikov from the car, threatening the pro-Kurdish HDP members. The people had prevented the dispute and yet several of them were battered by the guards. The undercover cops who arrived at the scene used pepper gas on the HDP members.