Erdoğan's new summer palace causes environmental destruction

The aerial viewpoint of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s summer palace still under construction in Marmaris province shows that it has caused an environmental destruction by deforestation of forest and the creation of a fill beach
Monday, 03 September 2018 22:30

The construction of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s summer house in Marmaris district of Turkey’s southwestern province Muğla has been viewed from the air. A new facility with 300 rooms was built instead of the Okluk Residence, a 320-square meter complex consisting of 4 rooms and 1 lounge with a concrete pier and a helipad, constructed during the period of 8th Turkish President Turgut Özal.

While thousands of trees were cut for the construction of Erdoğan’s new summer palace, the beach was also filled with the earth and the roads were extended.    

The presidential guest house, which can be clearly seen from the satellite images and consisting of three main bodies with a closed construction area of 13,166 meters square, has swimming pools, hobby and entertainment spaces.

Three blocks of lodging buildings for the staff were also constructed next to the summer palace, while a filling area of 10,966 meters square was filled with special sand and gravels to turn the area into a beach.

The construction site allocated for a new 300-room guesthouse planned to be replaced with Okluk Residence had been increased from 20 to 65 hectares despite the objections of nature activists and the Metropolitan Municipality of Muğla.

The construction costs of the summer palace drawing reaction due to its harm to the environment and high cost are kept like a secret, while it had revealed that even only air-conditioning cost of it is 3 million Turkish lira [$451,829.91].

Stating that the construction of Erdoğan’s summer palace is damaging the environment, many experts had previously said that the construction of the Presidential Guest House is illegal and unlicensed, and any settlement in the given area is outlawed even including fishing activities in the bay.