Dead body of construction worker found after hours

Dead body of a worker who was working at a construction site in Aydın, Turkey was founded by another worker by chance after several hours on Sep. 6
Saturday, 08 September 2018 19:16

Çetin Uzun, a 54-year-old, who worked as a construction foreman, fell to the base of a pit after his shift ends. It was stated that due to a landslip in the pit Uzun was trapped under and lost his life.

It was around 9:45 pm when another worker was wondering around at the construction zone and noticed Çetin Uzun, who was buried under the wreckage. The worker, asking for help from fire brigades and health teams, also tried to save his friend with his own effort. It was reported that Uzun, who had been taken out of the narrow area underground by the fire crews, had lost his life.

It has been reported by the Occupational Health and Safety (İSİG) Council that the number of occupational murders that occurred in different business establishments was at least 180 during August 2018 in various cities of Turkey.