Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) welcoming new academic year: "We are here for our future"

Communist Youth of Turkey has published a welcome statement to all classmates in the new academic year and called on “all university students to become a light of social enlightenment against the darkness surrounding Turkey"
Tuesday, 17 September 2019 13:48

Turkish universities have started the new academic year at the beginning of this week. As reactionism and anti-scientific ideas have spread in the universities, the number of unemployed university graduates continue to increase.

Last year, the number of dropouts have reached a historical record. Students are trying to work and survive while studying.

Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) has released a statement for the students surrounded by unemployment and hopelessness for the future. The full statement is as follows:


The new academic year starts today. All of our classmates, welcome!

Naturally, the problems of our country reflect upon the universities. In the universities, we face financial difficulties, misogyny, hatred for science. Expensive textbooks, landlords, faculty buildings with prayer rooms instead of laboratories, etc.

Some of us are obliged to work for long hours with low wages; some of us are murdered by bosses like Şule Çet. We know that this list goes on and on, however it is not enough to know these facts. Ignoring these facts or just being sad or angry because of these facts is not enough.

Because we are the bright future of this country.

We should know that the universities we desire are only possible when the country we desire is established!

A country where universities are perceived as a way leading to unemployment, where the quality of education is gradually reduced, where cultural events are banned, where the youth loses hope for the future and sees narcotics as the savior is a country where exploitation, inequality, and unemployment have prevailed.

We do not want to live in a country like this. We do not want to turn a blind eye to these issues and step into a harder future after sitting four years in university desks.

We start the new academic year opposing to this nonsense.

We are going to discuss the university and the country we desire not only the problems we have. We will carry the discussions made behind closed doors to university classrooms. We will struggle in order to gain everything that has been stolen from us.

We are the future lawyers, healthcare workers, artists, journalists, scientists of this country and WE ARE HERE!

We will come together and recreate our universities and country. Because we see unbreakable links between the future of our country and university.

Communist Youth of Turkey says we are here for our country, for an enlightened country, and for socialism.

We invite all university students to be the hope of humanity, be the lantern of social enlightenment and walk against the darkness surrounding us.