Communist LGBTs in Turkey: "Long live struggle!"

Releasing a statement on the Pride Week of 2020, Communist LGBTs in Turkey emphasized the fight against discrimination, hostility, reactionism and said the struggle of LGBTs is solid with the working-class struggle for equality.
Saturday, 27 June 2020 20:50

Communist LGBTs in Turkey have issued a statement regarding the 2020 Pride Week. Emphasizing the need to fight against the usurpation of rights, the statement noted the effects of the pandemic on the life of LGBTs and the difficulties to be experienced in the coming days.

"The struggle for Pride is solid with humanity's struggle for equality and freedom," says Communist LGBTs.

The full statement is as follows:

"The 51st anniversary of the Stonewall uprising coincided with the days when the people in the USA once again rose up and took to the streets. The US people have been protesting against racism, xenophobia, anti-immigrant stance, poverty, inequality for days.

Because over a hundred thousand people lost their lives in the USA due to the pandemic, and tens of millions lost their jobs and their future. George Floyd, who was killed a month ago, was a worker who lost his job for the same reason. With the pandemic, it has been clearer that capitalism is actually a system of life and death, with all its brutality.

The coming months, years, will be difficult for the laborers. We will be asked to tolerate these difficulties. The end of those who cannot tolerate will be known. It is not difficult to understand that in these conditions, the hatred towards the LGBT community will increase. The establishment will continue to promote discrimination, hostility, reactionism, and sexism in order to weaken the working class and to break the ties of the working people. New challenges will be added to the lives of LGBTs, full of difficulties. Exploitation will increase exponentially. In order to live as we are and to be treated humanely, we will fight stronger.

The legacy of the first mass uprising of LGBTs seeking their right, the legacy of Stonewall, is precisely this action, organization, and struggle over rights. The truth revealed by the pandemic is the necessity of the working classes to fight against capitalism as a whole.

We would like to remind in the Pride Week of 2020 when the whole world was shaken by the effect of the pandemic: LGBTs struggle for Pride is solid with humanity's struggle for equality and freedom.

Glory to Pride! Long live our struggle!

Communist LGBTs"