Ankara metropolitan municipality fires tens of workers

Contract workers in a park management under Ankara metropolitan municipality were dismissed due to 'security clearance' during their transition to permanent employment
Saturday, 20 October 2018 22:07

Turkey's ruling AKP party's employment regulations regarding contract workers continue with dismissals of dozens due to ‘security clearance’ inside AKP’s municipalities.

Dozens of workers were dismissed on October 18 from ANFA Altınpark, a company that manages a park in the northern side of Ankara, Turkey, affiliated to Ankara metropolitan municipality. Workers who had been working in different departments were called individually to receive dismissal notices during the last three days.

It has been declared to the workers that governorship of Ankara’s provincial security directorate conducts a ‘security clearance” based ın the 696th Decree-law (KHK) and they were found 'not clear'  to be employed.

The reports of this ‘security clearance’ were not given to the workers.

Dismissed workers state that new workers are being dismissed every day. According to the workers, there was a large wage gap between new and old employees according to the new regulations applied, and the real reason behind their dismissals is that they questioned this gap.