Socialists in US in solidarity with resisting Flormar workers in Turkey

The US Committee in Solidarity with Flormar Workers led by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) in the US protested Flormar's union-busting move in Turkey in front of one of the Flormar stores in Bronx, NY
Sunday, 30 December 2018 18:47

The US Committee in Solidarity with Flormar Workers formed by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL) held a protest in front of a Flormar store in a mall in the Bronx County of New York, NY, to show support for the striking Flormar workers resisting against union-busting in Turkey.

The members of the PSL had promised the Flormar workers for solidarity during their visit to the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) in recent months.

Communists of the PSL, who had met with the striking Flormar workers during their visit to the TKP in September this year and promised them that they would share the workers’ demands with the public in the US, formed a committee on the issue and called for American people to boycott Flormar.

Gathering in front of the Flormar store in Bay Plaza Mall in Bronx, the members of the committee explained that Flormar was a Turkey-based cosmetics firm and that over 150 workers, most of whom are women, were fired because they had demanded their union rights.

The members handed out the leaflets they had prepared to the people who were there to shop and saluted the workers who have been on strike for 229 days, saying: “There is nothing ‘beautiful’ about firing woman workers who are just trying to unionize. There is nothing ‘beautiful’ about making tens of millions of dollars while paying your workers pennies.”

The communists also protested that heaters were prohibited by the firm administration, forcing striking workers to stay in cold in winter.

Stating “We stand with Flormar workers because they will win!”, the committee members also sent a Turkish message to the striking workers: