Workers of Netlog Logistics in Turkey react to lack of precautions

Netlog Logistics workers in Turkey who are forced to work during the pandemic claimed that their workplace lacks social distancing and hygiene rules and requested the precautions to be taken.
Wednesday, 22 April 2020 12:02

Workers who have contacted Turkey's worker solidarity network PE ('We breathe down the bosses' neck') mentioned, “Some of our friends were tested positive for COVID-19. They went on medical leave. The company executive told that personnel from the Ministry of Health would visit the work site for testing, but no one has shown up yet.”

The comments of the workers are as below:

“Netlog Logistics is one of the important companies in the logistics sector. It has warehouses all around the country and employs 15 thousand people. We work at one of the logistics warehouses of the company. The situation of our company is as follows:

We have friends who were tested positive for COVID-19. They applied to a hospital when the symptoms of the disease were observed and get tested. They received medical reports due to their test results and went on medical leave. We were informed that the Ministry of Health would visit the work site for testing, but no one showed up. The company disinfected the warehouse only once since the start of the pandemic.

No precautions are taken in our warehouse except for random temperature measuring, although we had friends who were COVID-19 positive. We have to work with the same mask for the whole day. Only one mask is provided per day. The masks have only one layer, and the company distributes them just to show that precautions are being taken. Some of our friends work 12 hours with only one mask. Moreover, masks are used incorrectly and pandemic precautions are not taken seriously due to lack of work security training. Furthermore, we are all still using the same cafeteria in which social distancing and hygiene rules are disregarded.

Everyone at work is in stress, but no one is raising his voice to keep his job in such a hard period.

We call for our employer and managers to take required precautions for the pandemic before it is too late.”