Workers of Kale Conveyor who were beaten by employer continue resisting

Workers of Kale Conveyor factory in İstanbul's Silivri district who are struggling for their right to unionize and were beaten by their boss announced that they were determined to fight against bullying and oppression
Thursday, 23 May 2019 14:28

Workers who wanted to carry out union activities due to the working conditions that are not suitable for workers' health at Kale Conveyor factory in Silivri, İstanbul, took a decision to strike as a result of the pressures and started to resist about 80 days ago.

On May 20, after a dinner organized by their boss Faruk Dağlı, two workers were subjected to violence. The workers' union Petrol-İş made a statement on the subject in Silivri’s town square.

Ercan Yavuz, the head of Petrol-İş branch reminded that three of their fellow workers have lost their lives due to work-related accidents and that the workers were caught by occupational diseases. He also called on the citizens of Silivri to support the struggle of the workers.

Ercan Yavuz criticized the pro-government press and political parties, and the workers chanted a slogan saying "The union of workers will defeat the capital".