Workers of bakery chain Özsüt in Turkey attacked by police

21 workers were exposed to violence and detained as a result of a police attack on the protest by Özsüt workers for their unpaid pending wages
Friday, 26 July 2019 15:02

Workers of Özsüt, a bakery chain in Turkey, were attacked by police while protesting their unpaid wages in Istanbul. After their march in Kadıköy, the workers were targeted by police on Thursday during sit-in protest. 21 workers were detained by the police.

The workers detained were released today and continue their protest in the same place, stating that they are not going to give up the fight.

The workers of the well-known bakery chain Özsüt could not receive their salary for 3 months as well as their overtime wages food cards.

Workers who made a press statement in front of Kadıköy branch of Özsüt stated that their colleagues who had been dismissed received their severance pay after their resistance. However, the workers stated, they are worried about their colleagues who are still working and are not getting paid.


A lot of workers who are working at STP Food Industry and Trade Inc., operating under the brand Özsüt started resisting to get their unpaid wages for 3 months, which were not paid by the company on the grounds of economic problems. Many workers had to quit their jobs.

On the 4th day of their protest in front of the Kadıköy branch, July 17, workers marched in front of the bakery accompanied by slogans.

Umut Marangoz, who made a statement on behalf of the group gathered in front of Kadıköy Özsüt Branch, said that “they had succeeded in getting their severance payments after the resistance but salaries and food cards were still not paid to the workers who are still working.”

According to Cumhuriyet daily, another worker, Mehmet Dirik, who was one of the dismissed workers, said: “We are so strong when we are united and we gained a victory. Özsüt workers declared they would carry on to protest in front of Özsüt until they receive their salaries.

“We can't make our living, we're not comfortable. Then, those who put us in this situation should not be comfortable. We won't let them exploit us. Starting from today, every day at 2 pm, we will meet in front of Özsüt, we will make ourselves heard and seen. We will seek our rights by using every channel. We call on all workers to hear our rightful demands and to support us. We call on people not to shop from these usurpers. Our last words are for the exploiters: Keep your promise, give us our rights,” the worker added.