Unlawful practices reported by citizens in Turkey's local elections

SoL News has introduced ‘I AM THERE’ link for unlawful practices during the 2019 local election
Sunday, 31 March 2019 15:44

The citizens are fighting against the unlawful practices that Turkey has staged during every election under the AKP government. SoL News has introduced ‘I AM THERE’ link so that the citizens could upload the evidence for unlawful practices. 

Some of the practices reported by Turkey's voters are as follows:

-Certain supporters of the AKP are manipulating people’s vote in Istanbul. Observers complained about the manipulation but the authorities did not intervene in.

Also, the AKP’s posters are still on billboards despite the ban on propaganda during the election period. 

-There were cases of soldiers voting in Ovacık, Dersim. When it was challenged, the AKP candidate Turan Kılıç were aggressive against the observers.  

-A disabled member of ballot box committee dropped a ballot already stamped for the AKP in Bursa. All of the ballot box committee members were released with an official report when the ballots already stamped for the AKP were found.

-A neighborhood head candidate and persons escorting him shouted ‘the AKP is everywhere and working for everybody’ in İzmir, Bornova. They also distributed free food. When an observer reacted against the AKP propaganda, the candidate shouted ‘stop being a traitor!’. The candidate was escorted out the election premises; however, he warned the pro-AKP observers about being careful. 

-Nearly 50 ballots were used for unlawful block voting were found when a stranger voted in the name of the neighborhood head candidate in Şanlıurfa's Hilvan district. The ballot committee signed an official report and informed the authorities for the cancellation of voting at that ballot box. 

-The ballot box committee allowed an illiterate voter to vote alongside a pro-AKP voter in Maltepe, Istanbul. The event was reported by an opposing observer; however, the head of the ballot box committee did not accept the report. When the head learned that the opposing observer was Communist Party of Turkey (TKP)-affiliated, s/he told the observer to leave the room. TKP would also complain to the local branch of the High Election Council.