Two more Turkish troops died, 5 wounded in Syria's Idlib

Turkey's Defence Ministry announced that two Turkish soldiers died and 5 soldiers were wounded in Idlib.
Thursday, 20 February 2020 22:40

Two more Turkish troops died and five others were wounded by air raids near the northwest region of Idlib, Turkish Defence Ministry announced. 13 Turkish troops died within this month in Idlib.

The news came a day after the Turkish President Erdoğan said an operation in Idlib is imminent, following the talks with Russia did not come to an agreement.

Turkey's ruling AKP ruled by Erdoğan has been escalating the diplomatic and military tensions in the region, backing the jihadists against the Syrian government. The Turkish government says the talks with Russia to ease the tension have not given satisfactory results while demanding military support from NATO.

Almost all of the soldiers killed in Syria’s Idlib consisted of contract privates and specialized sergeants, who had become professional soldiers in search of a way out of poverty.