Turkish police attacked families of train massacre victims in front of Supreme Court

The families of those who lost their lives in Çorlu train massacre were attacked by the police with plastic bullets in front of the Constitutional Court because they wanted to make a statement
Thursday, 13 June 2019 15:53

The police intervened in the press statement of the families of the people who lost their lives in Çorlu train massacre in which 25 people lost their lives and hundreds of people were injured on 8 July 2018.

The families of the people who lost their lives in the massacre were attacked twice by the police, but they read their statement in front of the Court.

The families who reacted to the opening of a lawsuit against only four TCDD personnel regarding the massacre carried their Justice Watch to the Constitutional Court in Ankara.

Families were at the Court to apply for the investigation of the judgment of nolle prosequi regarding the train chief, machinists, bureaucrats and executives of the TCDD.

According to bianet.org, families stated “They showed us four people who had little duties as responsible for 25 lives, and they wanted us to accept it. They said they were ‘investigating the executives as well’. At the end of ten months, they looked us in the eye and lied to us, constantly distracted us.”

“They have no authority that they are investigating, nor do they have trouble uncovering real criminals. In this case, as the families of the ones who lost their lives, we say ‘enough is enough’. There are many responsible people, particularly the Minister of Transport, the General Director of TCDD, bureaucrats and top managers,” the statement continued.

Mısra Öz Sel, the mother of Oğuz Arda Sel, who lost his life in the accident, said: “I am not here to hurt anyone. I am a mother who says if my 9-year-old child gets hurt, I will burn the world. I want all those responsible to come and stand trial. We do not accept otherwise. Of course, time will change. We will be the ones to judge them”.