Turkish Central Bank: More than 9 million people in Turkey are paid poverty wages

According to the research of Turkey's Central Bank on wage dynamics in Turkey, 2 million 136 thousand workers are paid below the minimum wage and 7 million 87 thousand workers are paid minimum wage or a little over the minimum wage
Monday, 11 March 2019 13:27

According to research conducted by the experts of Turkey's Central Bank, 2 million 136 thousand workers in Turkey are trying to live on less than minimum wage. The number of workers whose monthly income is at the minimum wage level and slightly above and below is 7 million 87 thousand. Considering these two groups, the research reveals that the number of people paid poverty wages has reached 9 million 223 thousand.

The study seeks answers to the questions of how Turkey determines the wage increases are how these wage increases affect inflation rates. It also makes important evaluations regarding the distribution of wages in Turkey.


According to the research using the data of the 2017 Household Labor Force Survey of Turkish Statistical Institute, among 28 million 83 thousand employed people, 18.9 million are waged workers.

11.3 percent of waged workers receive 1200 Turkish Liras (220 USD) including the wages, bonuses, and premiums. According to Sözcü daily, when we consider that the minimum wage in 2017 was 1404 liras, this data shows that more than 2 million workers are trying to make a living with an income below the minimum wage.

According to the data, 37.5 percent of the waged workers are trying to live with an income between 1,200 and 1,600 liras.

Indexing the wage increases according to earlier inflation rates is quite common, according to the results of the research. Thus, it is stated, the sensitivity of the wages to business cycles is limited and it causes a significant rigidity in wage inflation.