Turkey's TÜPRAŞ workers protest in front of Koç Holding

Tüpraş workers continue to raise their voices against their employer’s impositions in the collective bargaining process
Friday, 28 June 2019 10:29

During the collective bargaining process, Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp. (TÜPRAŞ) workers protested the blockage of the process as a result of the imposition of the employer and Koç Group's attempts to scythe workers' gains in their workplace.

Workers from Tüpraş İzmit, Aliağa, Kırıkkale and Batman refineries joined the press release in front of Koç Holding's Nakkaştepe center.

In the press statement, Petrol-İş Chairman Ali Ufuk Yaşar gave a speech and demanded that the rights of the workers be granted.

In the statement, the representative said that the contract covering 4 thousand 300 workers at four different refineries in TÜPRAŞ should be concluded by negotiations. 

“However, in the last negotiations, we see that the demands of the employer in three articles, which have become an imposition, continue. As mentioned earlier, our stance on the 3-year contract coverage period, changes in the shift system and excuse permits is clear. We do not accept any imposition on these issues, and we underline once again that we will not negotiate our gains by considering the sensitivity of our union and our workplace," Yaşar added.

In May, the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) İzmir provincial organization paid a visit to support the Tüpraş Aliağa refinery workers resisting against Koç Holding. TKP opened a banner saying "Koç Holding will lose, Tüpraş workers will win".