Turkey's top capitalists visit US, trying to secure relations as S-400 tension heightens

TÜSİAD delegation paid a visit to the US last week as the S-400 crisis between the US and Turkey heightens. The recent 'Voice of TKP' podcast evaluated the top capitalists' recent visit to the US along with the S-400 crisis and economic crisis
Monday, 22 July 2019 14:06

TÜSİAD, Turkey's top capitalist organization's, delegation headed by the Chairman Simone Kaslowski held meetings in Washington, USA last week. 

Meeting with the US officials and with the members of the US Congress, TÜSİAD's chair Kaslowski said "Turkey's future depends on the transatlantic system and the value of this system based on democratic world order. Turkey's strategic and historical orientation has two basic elements, NATO membership with a perspective of EU accession and the strategic relations with the US."

According to Kaslowski, the aim of the delegation was to express the importance of a long-term dialogue during this critical period ahead in terms of the Turkey-US relations.

In the third program of the 'Voice of TKP' this week, TÜSİAD's visit to the USA, S-400 crisis and economic crisis were discussed.

TKP states that "although the development plan and the regulations in favor of the capitalist class relieved TÜSİAD for a moment, the economic and political consequences of the possible sanctions on the S-400s are overwhelming for the capitalists. Thus, while the political representatives of the capitalist class appear to be standing upright against the United States behind the ruling AKP, the capitalist class itself tries to secure its relations with the United States behind the scenes."

"While the S-400 tension gave AKP the opportunity again to caress nationalist sentiments once again, possible negative consequences are being tried to be soothed by the capitalist class in the name of contributing to the solution of the political crisis," it is added.