Turkey's main opposition MPs in privatized factory opening after protesting privatization

Two deputies of Turkey’s parliamentary main opposition CHP attended an opening ceremony of a privatized sugar factory. They had participated in a march against the privatization of the very same factory
Saturday, 28 September 2019 13:16

The Alpullu Sugar Factory in Turkey’s Kırklareli city was privatized along with 13 others in 2018 despite objections from both experts and workers. The factory started production on September 27 with a ceremony.

Representatives of Turkey’s parliamentary main opposition CHP also attended the opening ceremony although they had previously participated in protests against the privatization of the factories.

CHP’s Kırklareli deputy Turabi Kayan and Edirne deputy Okan Gaytancıoğlu were in the ceremony with the new owner of the factory. The very same deputies had participated in the march in Kırklareli protesting the privatization of the Alpullu Factory and had marched with 5 thousand people behind a banner that read: “Sugar factories are the homeland; the homeland cannot be sold.”

The decision by Turkey’s AKP government to privatize the sugar factories was much objected and protested both by the people and the workers of the factories. The government had claimed that the factories were making a loss and were harmful to the economy. However, experts had stated that the factories in fact profited, and the apparent loss was caused by the now-inert factories, the inactivity of which were also caused by ineffectual economy policies of the government.