Turkey's High Board of Arbitration saves Koç Holding against Tüpraş workers

Turkey's High Board of Arbitration (YHK) gathering with the agenda of the collective agreement in TÜPRAŞ approved the deal which accepted all the demands imposed by the employers on the workers during the contract process
Tuesday, 02 July 2019 15:09

After Koç Holding ignored the demands of Tüpraş workers, all the demands of the employers were accepted and reflected in the contract during the contract negotiations that went to the Supreme Board of Arbitration (YHK).

The agreement, which has not been officially notified to Petrol-İş Union yet, reportedly reflects the issues imposed by Koç Group.

Accordingly, the duration of the contract is arranged as 3 years, casual leaves are dependent on the supervisor's written permission and the shift system is changed.

Petrol-İş and TÜPRAŞ workers, who have been resisting for a long time, react to the contract concluded at YHK meeting.

After the approval of the contract by the YHK, Petrol-Is announced the resistance has been stopped for now, how to continue and how to react against this decision would be discussed in the following days.