Turkey Erdoğan's recommends mulberry molasses to fight coronavirus

Erdoğan commenting on the agenda on fighting against coronavirus said "I take a spoonful of mulberry molasses every morning. Because it makes blood."
Wednesday, 05 February 2020 13:32

Responding to the questions of the reporters in his return flight from Ukraine, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan recommended eating molases. 

Following the questions "What measures will be taken related to coronaviruses? What measures will Turkey take against such epidemics? Do you have any specific measures against the virus?", Erdoğan said: "I take a spoonful of mulberry molasses every morning. Because it makes blood. It is molases coming from Erzurum."

"But I have a recommendation. Of course, this is also said by the health professionals. Do stay warm. Beware of fever. Of course, these are the symptoms. Above all, trust yourself. Take care of your food. If you ask if we have some special precautions, believe me, we do not. We will keep the body strong," Erdoğan said.

The quarantine process began for those were airlifted on Sunday from Wuhan to Turkey's Ankara. 62 people will be monitored for 14 days in a hospital in the capital city.

"As our first job, we said that so many people have trouble in China, we have our citizens there, let's save them. Now I said to my friends, 'Could we send such a plane to China 20 years ago? Or did we have such a plane? ' Now, thank God, we have transformed this plane completely into a hospital and placed beds in it," Erdoğan also said.