TKP: Ruling AKP's end will come with organized struggle of people

Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) released a statement on the re-election in Istanbul, calling on the working people of Turkey to strengthen the class-based politics which was not pursued by the bourgeois opposition parties that accepted the illegal decision to re-run of Istanbul metropolitan municipal elections
Friday, 10 May 2019 15:38

To our people:

1. AKP government acted in accordance with the mission determined by the needs and demands of the capital, eliminated people’s all gains in Turkey, demolished the Republic. The idea and energy sources of this process are imperialist centers, interests of the bosses and hostility of Turkey’s reactionary against the republic.

On the other hand, AKP, cannot manage to replace what it has demolished. We have been repeating for years: Turkey does not fit into AKP’s straitjacket, it is not possible, it is seen that it is not possible. The resistance of a large part of society in Turkey, makes this to be seen even by some elements within the AKP.

2. AKP regime (with its current form), has come to the end of the road and of course, some people would not want to accept this situation. AKP has big opportunities in its hands. We know what they can do, how they can act with recklessness, but they will eventually leave off.

TKP, for so long underlining that this leave has to happen together with the organized struggle of the people, considered it necessary to struggle against the forces who benefitted from the presence of AKP until now and against the social order itself, at the same time. The rightfulness of this view has been confirmed many times.

Turkey has slid into a deep political crisis under AKP and Erdogan. However, the crisis does not only result from AKP; but also relates to the entire historical journey of Turkey’s capitalism.

The much-mentioned crisis is fundamentally the crisis of the capitalist order. Political turmoil, on one hand, has resulted from this structural crisis, on the other, it nourishes the structural crisis back.

There is a great dispute within the capitalist class, which is linked to the internal conflicts within the imperialist system. Those who put themselves forward during this dispute aim to moderate people’s strong opposition against the ruling reactionaries, striving for an “acceptable” AKP regime.

3. The resistance of Erdogan and his team paralyzes Turkey. This deadlock makes the society desperate, moreover, it makes people go after fake solutions by closing eyes to the facts. The AKP and Erdogan should leave.TKP will contribute to this process through its own class, ideological, political line.

4. June 23 election is not legitimate. Those who accept the re-run of Istanbul elections, more precisely who accept the cancellation of March 31 elections only for the metropolitan municipality, are those who want AKP regime to continue in different ways. They are those who are afraid of the emergence of a legitimacy crisis that will shake the social order.

5. Today, the opposition that sided against the AKP, rather than creating the social resistance we described, had a share in weakening this resistance at every turn. Now we can not have any interest or relationship with the system opposition, which is defined by the opposition against AKP. This opposition can not emancipate Turkey.

The characteristics of the system opposition, who contributed to developing greater compliance with AKP’s Turkey, are very clear for us. The opposition, having characteristics like relationship with religious sects, accordance, and collaboration with NATO’s dark centers and defending interests of the most powerful elements of Turkey’s capital; not only created false hope for the working class, but also it has served as a support element for the continuation of the darkness of the AKP.

The process of June 23, as a dominant task, necessitates to fight against the tyranny of the AKP government, inevitably pushes aside the exposition of the system opposition, which has become an increasingly mature project of the capitalist class. The existence of large groups who justify their righteous anger against injustice by relying on system opposition is a reality for our party. While TKP acknowledges this, we will fulfill the obligation to always remind the existence of an organized labor movement so that the disappointment by the opposition will not push our people into pessimism.

6. With its entire energy, TKP will focus on exposing AKP's Turkey, the class-related and ideological basis of it and struggle against this basis until June 23.

7. Fighting against all kinds of inequality and injustice, which narrow political sphere, while reinforcing capital’s control over this sphere, puts barriers to speaking and organizing of the working people, has become an irrecusable mission within this picture. TKP will initiate a campaign on this issue, covering many areas from the election system to the use of public resources.

8. It is seen that those who endeavor to remove the election boycott option from the agenda as soon as possible, have so far achieved significant success.TKP has tried to explain that accepting unlawfulness so fast and unconditionally has its drawbacks, and also has drawbacks in terms of what will happen next. Our Party will make a new assessment if this option that tried to be explained is not strengthened. Our people can be sure that the decisions we will make as a result of this assessment will not by any means strengthen the hands of the AKP and Erdogan and will strengthen the historical missions of the TKP.

9. TKP will concentrate its actions against the social order itself, the elements of order politics, all reactionary forces to follow NATO, TUSIAD (Turkish Industry and Business Association); in order to strengthen people’s organized struggle.TKP will do all one can do not to render people unprepared to what will happen on June 24 and thereafter.

10. In these circumstances, strengthening our Party, Communist Party of Turkey, who does not look after anything but working class’ interests, who uses politics as a means of struggle, not for deceiving laborers but for their salvation, is critically important.

Communist Party of Turkey

Central Committee