TKP at centenary event of communist movement in Mexico

Together with Latin American and European communist parties, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the communist movement in Mexico was commemorated
Monday, 25 November 2019 20:07

Invited by the Communist Party of Mexico (PCM), TKP joined the international seminar and festival for the centenary of the foundation of the communist movement in Mexico and the 25th anniversary of the reformation of the Communist Party of Mexico, as well as the 7th Communist Festival of PCM, on 23-24 November in Mexico City. The international seminar took place at the center of the syndicate of the workers of the Autonomous University of Mexico. International guests, from communist and workers parties in North and Latin America, including the Peruvian Communist Party, Communist Party of El Salvador, Communist Party of Guatemala, Partido Vanguardia Popular (Costa Rica), Communist Party of USA, Communist Party of Canada, as well as with the representation of Communist Party of Greece and Communist Party of Turkey. 


With the contributions of the international communist parties, the veteran members of the former Mexican Communist Party, as well as intellectuals and the representatives of other leftist organizations in Mexico, two main topics were elaborated at the International Seminar, namely "The World will be socialist or it won't be (El Mundo será socialista, o no será)" and "Experiences and difficulties in the organization of communist parties. The validity of the Communist Party in the struggle for socialism" (Experiencias y dificultades en la organización de los partidos comunistas. Vigencia del Partido Comunista en la lucha por el socialismo). 


On the second day, which was organized as part of the 7th Communist Festival, various cultural activities and exhibitions regarding the history of the communist movement in Mexico were organized. A special panel dedicated to the Emancipation of Women, which is a burning question for many countries in Latin America and a priority in the agenda of communist parties, was made, with contributions from CP of Mexico, CP of Canada and CP of Turkey. The recent video prepared by the Communist Women of TKP was displayed at the festival, receiving remarkable attention from all participants.

Communist Party of Turkey saluted the glorious struggle of the great working class of Mexico and expressed its confidence at the militancy and dedication of its vanguard communist party to break down today's barbaric social order and establish a new one, whose principle is the abolition of the exploitation of the human being by another.