TKP calls for nationalization of energy services

Communist Party of Turkey called for the nationalization of production, transmission and distribution activities, exploration and operation activities of energy and natural resources in Turkey.
Tuesday, 01 December 2020 10:53

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a 10-article call for the nationalization of all energy services.

The statement made by the Central Committee of TKP stated the need for an energy policy based on a centrally planned energy production and delivery that takes care of the interests of the society and the harmony with the environment along with the need for a public service to this policy.

The statement made by TKP is as follows:

Energy is vital. It has a vital function from lighting to heating, from continuing industrial production to preserving agricultural areas and ensuring daily life sustainability. Energy policy must be based on a centrally planned energy production and delivery that takes care of society's interests and the harmony with the environment. This principle requires a public service.


1. To ensure that electricity, water and natural gas are free of charge in residences so that even a single citizen does not stay in the dark and cold,
2. To put an end to the bills, which continue to be collected from citizens even during the pandemic period, which is getting heavier on our backs so that the bosses can profit,
3. To prevent our resources from being spent for the profit of the bosses, to put an end to energy policies based entirely on the dependency on international monopolies,
4. To manage energy supply and demand in accordance with the interests of the country and society with central planning, to end all privatization practices that cause great plunder, waste and environmental damage,
5. To develop public transport infrastructure in transportation, for the efficient use of energy resources by focusing on sea and rail transport instead of road transport,
6. To plan the use of water in energy production as a public service, to accept water as a social value, and prevent its commodification,
7. To centralize all kinds of data obtained in the past during natural resources exploration, extraction and operation activities and to evaluate them in line with the interests of the society,

8. To adopt an approach that takes care of the protection of human health and the natural environment in the determination of energy resources and energy production,
9. To replace old and inefficient facilities that are persistently operated for profit despite being harmful to public health and nature, with modern and efficient facilities,
10. For energy and mine workers to work in healthy and safe conditions that are suitable for human dignity, to end the subcontracting, and for safe working conditions,

all facilities and activities, especially the production, transmission and distribution activities, exploration and operation activities, and potency measurements of renewable energy resources, must be NATIONALIZED free of charge; all present knowledge in these areas must be centralized restructured to planning.