TKP calls for nationalization of construction services

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) called for the nationalization of construction services to provide every citizen with the right to housing.
Wednesday, 09 December 2020 23:05

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) made a statement calling for the nationalization of all of the construction services. After the healthcare, education, and energy services, construction services became the fourth call for nationalization by TKP.

“All of the construction services must be nationalized.” TKP stated, “Every citizen’s right to live in decent cities that are compatible with nature, in safe houses that are suitable with human health have to be secured.”

The full statement is as follows:

For planned cities and living spaces that are compatible with nature and suitable for the social and cultural development of people, instead of profit-driven urbanization that converts our cities into unbearable concrete jungles,

To resolving inequalities between regions, the contradiction between urban and rural areas, to actualize planned urbanization that protects agricultural lands, forests, water resources, and the entire natural and historical environment,

For every citizen to have access to basic needs such as water, electricity, heating without charge, and the right to housing that is suitable for human health,

For planned and safe cities that regard by human health and scientific facts, not the profits and interests of contractors and construction companies from the urban planning to the construction of buildings, in our country which is at earthquake risk,

To implement central supervision that will ensure all buildings are enduring and secure,

To provide infrastructure services of all cities free of charge, not for profit, but in conditions that can meet healthy, safe, and human needs,

To immediately stop the constant transfer of public resources to adherent contractors with state guarantees,

For every worker in the construction industry work for the common good with a work ethic based upon scientific principles,

To regulate and implement worker health and work safety legislation and practices in the construction industry which work murders are most prevalent, with an understanding that protects the human life and values without any exception, to provide job security, working conditions, suitable for human dignity, and the right to rest and retirement for construction workers,

For the immediate cancellation of projects such as the İstanbul Canal, which are scientifically proven to cause great harm to natural and social life, but are kept on the agenda for political interest and rent,

All construction services must be nationalized, every citizen’s right to live in decent cities that are compatible with nature, secure houses that are suitable with human health have to be secured, basic needs such as water, electricity, and heating have to be provided without any charge, the right to work and safety of construction workers have to be ensured by the state.