TKP calls for nationalization of all education services

Communist Party of Turkey called for the nationalization of all education services, prohibition of collecting money in schools, making educational needs free and employing sufficient number of education workers.
Tuesday, 24 November 2020 10:46

The Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a 15-article call for the nationalization of all educational services.

The statement made by the Central Committee of TKP stated the need for the nationalization of all education services, guaranteeing the right of all citizens to qualified education, prohibiting the collection of money under any name in schools, providing all citizens with all needs in education free of charge with central planning, and employing a sufficient number of education workers by the state to provide qualified education.

The statement made by TKP is as follows:

All Education Services Must Be Nationalized!

1. To stop accessing education and going to school being commodified and for all citizens to have access to qualified education free of charge and with equal opportunities,
2. To close all commercial institutions such as private schools and private teaching institutions, which seize all public funding, empty education by commercializing it, approach students and parents like customers and teachers like slaves, and to turn them into public schools and mobilize all resources,
3. To make 12 years of scientific, secular and mother tongue based education compulsory and free of charge, for all children under the age of 18 to receive education under the guarantee of the state,
4. To provide qualified education by meeting the needs such as classrooms, laboratories, libraries, areas of sports and arts equally in all public schools,
5. To transform education into a process that will develop the talents and creativity of all citizens and ensure their multi-dimensional development, in order for citizens to receive as much education as they want in the field they want in line with their interests and abilities, and to continuously improve their knowledge and skills, not limited to the basic education process and the school,
6. To close Islamic imam hatip schools, which are deemed privileged in the name of raising a devout generation, where large resources are allocated as other state schools are not allocated, and to implement a scientific and secular education understanding in all schools,
7. To put an end to the dominance of religious sects, communities and reactionary foundations that surround citizens under the name of scholarship and support, taking advantage of the inability of children and young people to meet their right to housing, food and education as education has become privatized,
8. To put an end to the obligation to testing system, which transforms students and their families into race horses due to the great differences in quality caused by the inequality between schools, causing great anxiety, deepening the existing inequalities and passes them on to the next generations,
9. To put an end to leave vocational education and schools to the mercy of the bosses and children exploitation under the name of integrating them to the production process,
10. To end the unsafe transportation of children to schools in remote places by public transport or buses, to provide every child with a qualified education opportunity in their neighborhoud,
11. To support students to grow up in a healthy way, to provide students with free meals in order to prevent them from starving during school hours because they do not have the means or to prevent unhealthy diets,
12. To establish health rooms in all schools to make schools healthy and safe for students and education workers,
13. To make foreign language education a right that can be accessed free of charge in line with the interests of all citizens and that will strengthen the universal fraternity, instead of being an unequal and discriminating achievement,
14. To eradicate the problem of illiteracy, which still manifests itself as a shame in the century we live in, and to ensure the literacy of all citizens,
15. To provide all education workers with a safe and secure working environment where they can continuously improve themselves and focus on the development of citizens without worries about appointment, livelihood and job security,

all educational services must be nationalized, the right of all citizens to qualified education must be guaranteed, the collection of money under any name in schools must be prohibited, education and all educational needs must be offered free of charge to all citizens within a centralized planning framework, and a sufficient number of education workers must be employed by the state to provide qualified education.