Students and parents resisting against Islamic high school in Istanbul

Kemal Naci Ekşi Anatolian High School in Istanbul's Bağcılar district is planned to be converted into an Islamic imam hatip high school, parents and students resist
Friday, 19 July 2019 15:04

A high school in Istanbul's Bağcılar district, Kemal Naci Anatolian high school, is going to be converted into an Islamic school.

Conversion of a qualified high school in a central district caused the reaction of parents, students, school employees, and citizens.

After ongoing resistance for a few days, the protestors yesterday made a press statement in front of the Istanbul Provincial Directorate of National Education. Union of education employees, Eğitim-Sen, parents and student representatives made their speeches and the representatives met with the Ministry of Education.

The school will be moved to a building that is far away from the center, no financial support will be given and it will almost be abandoned after the move, the protestors state.

According to one of the former students, the students protesting the Islamic schools had been turned away many times by the authorities and finally, the sign was replaced by the sign of imam hatip high school.