SDF: We have left Ras al-Ayn

SDF has announced that it withdrew its troops in the Syrian border city Ras-al-Ayn
Monday, 21 October 2019 09:25

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has announced that it withdrew its troops from Ras-al-Ayn, the Syrian border city. "We no longer have fighters in the city," SDF spokesman Kino Gabriel said.

According to BBC Turkish, a large convoy carrying fighters and wounded members of YPG and PYD has left Ras-al-Ayn on Sunday. Some civilians also left the city, according to the sources.

Syrian National Army spokesman Yusuf Hamoud also announced that SDF had completely withdrawn from the city.

Turkish Ministry of National Defense announced in a statement on Sunday that "since the beginning of the operation, a 55-vehicle convoy entered Ras-al-Ayn and an 86-vehicle convoy exited the city."

The shifts have been occurring after a five-day ceasefire decision that was negotiated by Turkey and the US on Thursday.

Under the agreement, Turkey would give a "break" to the operation for a period of 120 hours and YPG would move behind the safe zone. The 120 hours will end on Tuesday.