PAME expresses solidarity with working class of Turkey on May 1

All Workers Militant Front (PAME) from Greece has sent a message for May 1 to the workers and trade unions in Turkey, expressing their support for international solidarity and common struggle
Tuesday, 30 April 2019 23:00

All Workers Militant Front of Greece (PAME) released a statement sending solidarity message for May 1 to the workers and trade unions in Turkey.

The full statement is as follows:

Colleagues, workers of Turkey,

On the occasion of May Day, PAME, All Workers Militant Front, from Greece condemns the anti-workers’ policy and the repression imposed by the Turkish government against the workers of Turkey.

PAME is expressing its support for workers' and people struggles in Turkey and in the spirit of international solidarity, always stands by the side of Turkish workers.

Imperialist competitions of USA, NATO-EU, Russia are leading wars in our region, they violate the interests of the peoples, trying to prevail in the intra-imperialist competitions.

In the context of these competitions, the contradictions between the Greek and Turkish bourgeoisie are intensified to promote their own interests, for their geostrategic upgrade in the region. Every day, we see the imperialist organizations are a source of suffering for the peoples, as is the barbaric system that causes unemployment, poverty, and wars.

PAME sends a message to the trade unions of our neighboring country, Turkey and to the Turkish workers a hand of friendship and cooperation.

We say NO to the hate of the nationalists- Long live the friendship of the peoples!

Long Live International Solidarity and Common Struggles of the Workers of Greece and Turkey!