Musicians protest financial problems amid pandemic in Turkey's Adana

in Turkey's southern city of Adana, musicians protested financial difficulties they are experiencing due to the pandemic.
Tuesday, 17 November 2020 16:15

A group of musicians in Adana held a protest to draw attention to their economic difficulties during the pandemic.

Musicians gathered in a park yesterday and put down their musical instruments and made a press release.

They pointed out that the financial difficulties experienced by musicians during the pandemic process increased even more with the latest circular issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and the closing of entertainment venues after 22:00 was terminated, wedding orchestras, venue staff, artists negatively affected by the pandemic process. Protestors demanded financial support to musicians, shopkeepers and taxi drivers.

"We Breathe Down the Bosses’ Neck" (PE) Culture and Arts Workers Solidarity Network also supported the musicians' protest and press release.