Istanbul Medical Chamber: Pandemic policies failed, urgent lockdown needed

Istanbul Medical Chamber stated that the pandemic policies are completely failed and a lockdown decision should be taken urgently for Istanbul.
Wednesday, 11 November 2020 09:15

İstanbul Medical Chamber (İTO), in the statement titled “Pandemic policies failed! İstanbul urgently needs lockdown!”, indicated that according to the indeterminate criteria of Turkey’s Ministry of Health, the death toll related to Covid-19 reached 10,972.

In the statement, the Chamber also emphasized that the current situation is much worse than in April when the pandemic reached its peak.

While official announcements, according to Turkey’s Ministry of Health, show the death toll related to the Covid-19 as 3,253, according to the municipality, more than 8 thousand additional deaths occurred in İstanbul compared to the average number of deaths in 2015-2019. The doctors' chamber expressed that the real death toll is 3 times higher than the Ministry of Health’s numbers.

Stating that the data collected from the field reveals the severity of the situation, ambulances are not enough, patients are kept on stretchers for hours, existing services are not enough, and new services are opening every day. İTO pointed out that not only Covid-19 patients but also other patients cannot receive health services.


After underlining the failure of the pandemic policy of Turkey’s ruling AKP, İstanbul Medical Chamber demanded travel restrictions, lockdown, and halting all non-essential production for the whole city.

Drawing attention to the need for an implementation of effective contact tracing, intensive testing, and effective quarantine, the Chamber demanded that private hospitals must be under the control of the Ministry of Health in all cases where public health institutions cannot respond to the need and added that it is unacceptable for private hospitals to demand money from the treatment of the COVID-19 cases.