Hunger threshold in Turkey increases 5.3 times in 17 years

Turkey’s United Metalworkers’ Union released its September report on hunger and poverty line, revealing the increasing amounts of hunger and poverty limits in the country.
Saturday, 17 October 2020 21:22

According to the most recent report published by the Research Center of Turkey’s United Metalworkers’ Union, affiliated with the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DİSK), the hunger limit increased 5.3 times in the last 17 years in Turkey.

In September 2003, a family of four could get sufficient nutrition for 15 TL (8.96$ in 2003, 1.89$ in 2020) per day, whereas today a family can get required nutrition for 79 TL (9.95$).

While the monthly expenditure of a family of four for a healthy diet is reported as at least 2360 TL (~297 $), the poverty line is 8165 TL (~1028$).

The rise in the hunger limit has been more than the rise in general inflation.


In September 2020, milk and dairy products constituted the highest cost group in daily expenditures with 28.55 TL (~3.59$). The minimum expense for the product group of meat, chicken, and fish was 15.94 TL (~2$). While vegetables and fruit cost 12.78 TL (1~.61$), a family spent 5.08 TL (0.64$) per day for bread.

According to a narrow grouping, the share of milk and dairy products in expenditures was the highest with 36.05 percent. The share of meat, eggs, and legumes group comes second with 27.75 percent.

The report also revealed the hunger and poverty lines for the three biggest cities in Turkey. Accordingly, the hunger limit in the second biggest city İzmir is the highest with 2588 TL (~325$). Izmir is followed by Istanbul with a hunger limit of 2527 TL (318$) and the capital city Ankara with 2310 TL (~290$).